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Equitable Urban Transport, Spaces and Housing

We advocate for better spaces and places that are receptive to the diverse social, economic, cultural and environmental interests of all self-identifying women and girls.

The Ability to Participate

All women should have meaningful participation in governance of their cities and communities. We believe in the creation of fair, equitable and inclusive cities and communities.

Comfort and Well-being

We promote a variety of interesting, beautiful and healthy urban environments that encourage experiences of comfort and security for women. This includes feeling safe enough to have a voice about the decisions or actions that affect women.

Sharing Knowledge and Resources

We will share new, innovative ideas and continue to pass on knowledge. We will strive to make information fully accessible to our members and the wider community.

Environmental Sustainability

We strive for more sustainable urban environments that will help us to tackle and be more resilient in the face of climate change and the other environmental issues which affect Aotearoa.


We are an intersectional, representative, feminist movement. We prioritise the participation of wāhine, women of colour, new New Zealanders, women with disabilities, LGBTQIA+, girls, teenagers, older women and women in vulnerable spaces and places.

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